World’s fastest LED Printhead from Kyocera can print more than 1000 sheets of A4 size paper per minute

Kyocera today announced that its new SLH-Series LED printhead it has achieved the world’s fastest electrophotographic printing at 180m/min in 1200dpi high-resolution.The Kyocera SLH-Series LED printhead incorporates a newly developed high-intensity 1200dpi LED chip, that at 150μW (1mA drive current), produces four times more light than Kyocera’s conventional models. This high-resolution printing is available at the world’s fastest speed of 180m/min, with low power consumption. Theoretically, this means it is capable of printing more than 1,000 sheets of standard A4 size paper per minute. It also consumes just a quarter of the power of its predecessors operating at the same printing speed.

High-intensity LED chips provide the optimal light source for amorphous silicon photoreceptor drums- the key device in high-speed electrophotographic printers. The product is scheduled to launch in April 2010. A package with the amorphous silicon photoreceptor drum for high-speed printing will be released at the same time.