Worlds first coin identification digital piggy bank for children

current.jpgKeian Corporation Japan has come out with a very useful and novel piggy bank for kids. The digital saving piggybank I-PIGGY/I-PANDA is the worlds first with coin identification function. Depending on the size of the coin the digital piggy bank automatically identifies the face value of the coin. The saved amount is displayed on the LCD of the piggy bank. At any time the kid can know how much he has saved along with the different type of coins saved. You can also keep a target amount to be saved.( 5,000 Yen unit).To make saving more pleasant whenever a coin is inserted you hear different (total 4 types) of melody depending on the size of the coin. When saving reaches up to 1/5 of the target amount encouragement melody is played along with a smile indication on the LCD.

The Keian digital saving piggybank I-PIGGY/I-PANDA with built in digital clock is available in white and pink color and measures 15 x 12.2 x 13.2 cm and is available for approximately 4,480 Yen ($38).