World’s largest tunnel Yangzi River tunnel to be illuminated by 410,000 Osram Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs

Osram Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs are used by Guangzhou Zhonglong Communications Technology for the Yangzi River tunnel luminaire project in mainland China. With an internal diameter of 12.7m, the tunnel is 8.9km long in a twin-tunnel complex and each of the bores with 3-lane of traffic. 5,886 tunnel luminaries with over 410,000 pieces of OSRAM Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs will be installed in two bores. The Yangzi River tunnel will be the longest in the world to have brilliant LED light. The average annual energy savings by using these LED-based tunnel lamps is over 35%.

Osram Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs offer full-color spectrum brightness and can last for up to 50,000 hours. The longer service intervals and the robust nature also attribute to LED-based tunnel luminaire by reducing maintenance costs. Furthermore, the availability of cool and warm white LED with excellent color rendering offer the flexibility to choose the color temperature range for the specific street lighting application.