World’s smallest fire extinguisher!

The world’s smallest fire extinguisher- Pingy is just 14cm high and weighs 1kg. Cute little Pingy may look like a cross between a hand grenade and an old-fashioned soda siphon – but the stylish gadget could save your life. It holds 1kg of foam – more than enough to quench small domestic blazes with ease. Designer Erik Crommelynck came up with the idea after realizing that most homeowners in his native Belgium didn’t have fire extinguishers in their kitchen or living room because many people thought they are ugly and take up too much space. The Pinqy is ideal because it can sit easily on a shelf and looks quite nice and attractive.
World’s smallest fire extinguisher Pingy is also very useful for disabled people, the elderly and children, because it only weighs 1kg – a fifth of the weight of traditional extinguishers – and is therefore very easy to pick up. France’s biggest fire service has used it .

Pinqy won a gold medal at the British Innovation Show last year and has recently begun distributing to British homes. Unlike the traditional extinguishers, it also has a safety valve which prevents it from exploding if temperatures get too high.