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Tannoy Super Tweeter ST-100 B

Tannoy Super Tweeter ST-100 B comes in solid black ash and with the same Performance Platform as the ST100. The cutoff frequency of ST-100 was 18/20/22kHz, but with ST-100Bit is 14/16/18kHz. The..

JVC RD-M2 portable CD-MD system

The JVC CD-MD, FM/AM memory portable system RD-M2 is available in 4 different attractive pleasing colors. The system with 512MB flash memory (approximately 250 tunes) records music from the radio in MP3..

JVC digital audio player XA-F52

The JVC digital audio player XA-F52 is available in 5 eye catching colors. The MP3/WMA/WMA-DRM9 player with 512MB flash memory (approximately 250 tunes) with superior sound features voice recording, ADPCM system built-in..

Mitsubishi 4.3 inch display

Mitsubishi Japan has announced the AA043MA01 a 4.3 inch TFT-LCD display for use in Portable devices. The display supports a resolution of 800 x 480 with a contrast ratio of 500:1 and..

Sunconnection SC-MP001W MP3 player

The SC-MP001W form Sunconnection Japan is a no frills MP3 player. It has only the basic controls Play, Stop, change track and volume control in the similiar iPod click wheel style. The..

Sanyo MP3 voice recorders ICR-S178M/ICR-S177M

The MP3 format voice recorders ICR-S178M/ICR-S177M from Sanyo comes with built in stereo microphone for high quality sound recording. As sound is recorded in MP3 format high quality sound recording and play..

Green House GH-KANA-GT MP3/FM Transmitter Player

The portable MP3/WMA audio player GH-KANA-GT series from Green House Corporation adds a built in FM transmitter. The player is available in 4 different colors:-blue, red, black and silver. The MP3/WMA flash..