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Hand crafted mono speaker for DAP

Merumiya furniture manufacturer from Japan has come out with hand bag type mono speaker for portable music players like iPod. The iPod is placed inside the knob type hand bag and is..

CG-FPSU2BDS from Corega Corporation

The “CG-FPSU2BDS” from Corega Corporation allows sharing USB equipment with network printer such as scanner, digital camera, audio player, card reader etc.With the two way print server function you can verify the..

Transcend T.sonic530 MP3 Player

Transcend Corporation Japan has announced the release of its all-new, feature loaded Flash MP3 Player, the T.sonic 530. The cute, stylish and fully featured T.sonic530 MP3 Player is available now in 512MB..

Samsung 4GB flash player YP-ZF5FAS

Samsung Japan has announced the sale of flash memory based music players YP-Z5 in Japan with 2GB- YP-Z5FQS and 4GB- YP-ZF5FAS models. The 4 GB model is available in black and silver..