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TViX HD M-5000U

TViX HD M-5000U from DVICO Corporation can playback high definition video (up to 1920x1080i) and still images. Pre-recorded HDTV programs from a digital TV set-top box or personal digital video contents taken..

Sanyo Diply Talk Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders “ICR-S340RM” and “ICR-S270RM “from Sanyo Corporation Japan have built in flash memory of 1GB and 512MB respectively. Stereophonic recording is done in MP3 format up to 71 hours in..

Elecom PSP-CS500 Ball speakers for iPod

Elecom Corporation has come with new passive ball speakers “PSP-CS500 “in white and black. Just connect with the head phone terminal of portable audio player like iPod nano etc with the “PSP-CS500”..

Bamboo keyboard from Lynx

Lynx international Japan has come out with keyboard made from bamboo. The” bamboo Chishiro”is a USB Japanese 104 keyboard of membrane switch type with bamboo frame. Lynx international feels by using bamboo..

Sony MDR-NE3 Ear phones

The ” MDR-NE3 ” neck strap earphone from Sony is for light weight portable audio players. The tiny, light headphone has high magnetic neodymium magnet of 300kJ/m 3 and silent cap that..