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Creative Travel Sound PoPz P30 speakers

Creative announced an entirely new category of great-sounding portable, battery-free speakers with the introduction of Creative Travel Sound PoPz P30 (known as Creative PoPz in some regions) speakers, ideal for music enthusiasts..

ZMP’s Japanese music robot Miuro

The new Japanese music robot ZMP’s Miuro is a 14-inch wide, egg-shaped device that can either play tunes from your docked ‘Pod or wirelessly from a PC through its Kenwood-built speakers. The..

Altec Lansing USB portable speaker system XT2

The Marubeni information TEXcorporation sells the ALTEC LANSING USB portable speaker system XT2 in Japan. The thin, lightweight ALTEC LANSING XT2 system delivers excellent sound that comes from four full-range neodymium micro..

Thanko SPY DISK ball point pen

Thanko Corporation is famous for launching unique, practical gizmos and the new SPY DISK with card reader is no exception. Thanko SPY DISK “SPYWC128S (128MB)”all point with built in 128MB/256MB and 512MB..