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Sanyo Diply Talk Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders “ICR-S340RM” and “ICR-S270RM “from Sanyo Corporation Japan have built in flash memory of 1GB and 512MB respectively. Stereophonic recording is done in MP3 format up to 71 hours in..

Elecom PSP-CS500 Ball speakers for iPod

Elecom Corporation has come with new passive ball speakers “PSP-CS500 “in white and black. Just connect with the head phone terminal of portable audio player like iPod nano etc with the “PSP-CS500”..

Bamboo keyboard from Lynx

Lynx international Japan has come out with keyboard made from bamboo. The” bamboo Chishiro”is a USB Japanese 104 keyboard of membrane switch type with bamboo frame. Lynx international feels by using bamboo..

Sony MDR-NE3 Ear phones

The ” MDR-NE3 ” neck strap earphone from Sony is for light weight portable audio players. The tiny, light headphone has high magnetic neodymium magnet of 300kJ/m 3 and silent cap that..

M-Tune Headphones

The M-TUNE and M-TUNEn Macally headphones from US will be available in Japan from February 2nd week for approximately for 8,980 Yen. The mcTune is for iPod shuffle while mcTune for iPod..

Elecom U2H-I4S USB 2.0 Hub

The Elecom USB 2.0 Hub” U2H-I4S” provides a simple and reliable way to connect 4 USB devices to your PC.The USB hub has a top port for connecting easily USB port equipped..

Sofmap Desktop PC based on Mac Mini

Sofmap Japan has come out with super small-sized desktop PC “mini-personal computer” series 2 models based on the popular Mac Mini design. It is available in two configurations. The high end model..