Canon Launches Three Handheld Wireless Presenters PR10-G, PR100-R and PR1000R

Canon U.S.A., today announced the launch of three Handheld Wireless Presenters – PR10-G, PR100-R and PR1000-R. The presenters features easy-to-see green or red beams, a backlit LCD, timer and slide control features to help provide dynamic flexibility for business professionals, educators, students and lecturers to move away from the podium and deliver an effective presentation. Compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote , Adobe PDF and Mac iOS Preview files, these new products feature wireless slide operation via USB plug-in receiver.

Canon_PR10-G_HANDHELD_WIRELESS PRESENTERRequiring no setup, users can connect immediately and move freely around a conference room, lecture hall or classroom from up to 100 feet away with the PR10-G and up to 50 feet for the PR100-R and PR1000-R to maintain control of presentations – including images and volume– without needing to ask a partner to change slides. The PR1000-R features a red laser for the more traditional user, the PR100-R features a red laser with doubled intensity and the PR10-G features a green laser that is eight times more visible than the red laser, which is ideal for presentations in brightly lit environments, including convention halls and outdoor locations.
Canon_pr1000r-dongleThe PR10-G and PR100-R Handheld Presenters also provide features to help speakers maintain focus on the crowd and not the clock. A backlit LCD Smart Timer, ideal for dim environments, displays a countdown of the remaining time in a presentation, letting speakers know how long they’ve been talking and when it might be time to bring the presentation to a close. Additionally, both models include a vibrating alert to notify the speaker that time is almost up. The estimated selling price for the PR10-G, PR100-R and PR1000-R Handheld Presenters are $89.99, $49.99, and $29.99 (MSRP)6, respectively.

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