Acer announces K520 hybrid laser-LED projector for commercial users in the U.S

Acer America today announced the Acer K520 hybrid laser-LED projector for commercial users in the U.S. This new projector leverages hybrid laser-LED technology that has an exceptionally long life span, reducing maintenance and lamp replacement costs. Acer hybrid projector color technology offers flexible color settings and a wider color gamut. Users can select the color settings by RGB (red/green/blue) sequence in three display modes including bright, standard and movie. The Acer K520 supports 3D image output, and when paired with either Acer 3D or DLP 3D glasses, it can be used to enjoy lifelike 3D content for educational and commercial demonstrations. Acer K520 hybrid laser-LED projector offers great picture quality, a high contrast ratio and excellent color saturation, and is ideal for users in education and other commercial environments.

The Acer K520 comes with a range of outputs to provide users with several options for accessing content. These include analog RGB/component video, composite, S-video, PC audio and HDMI. With multiple-PC source input, several PCs can be connected to the projector at the same time, offering more flexible connectivity with instant switching between devices. The Acer K520 features a sleek, intuitive design with a control pad embedded on the sleek gray and metal surface. The Acer K520 hybrid laser-LED projector is available in the United States for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,599.99.

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