Brother Industries develops world’s first prototype retinal scanning display glasses that use green laser diodes

image6.jpgBrother Industries, Japan announced today a significantly smaller prototype of retinal scanning display (RID). The new module is the world’s first display that uses green laser diodes. The new retinal scanning display module measures approximately 95 x 170 x 30mm and weighs about 350g, which is 1/20 and 1/13 less respectively than the previous model. The company replaced the AC-driven power supply (previous model) with a battery-driven one to add portability to the display.

Unlike normal head-mounted displays such as those equipped with an LCD panel, retinal scanning displays do not block the user’s field of view and superimpose an image on the actual view. In short retinal scanning displays are projectors that use a retina as a screen. Brother aims to commercialize the glasses-type retinal scanning display in fiscal 2010.