Casio announces seven new high-brightness lamp-free projectors with greater smart device compatibility

Casio announced today the release of seven new high-brightness projectors that work without lamps. The new projectors, featuring the flagship XJ-A257 and XJ-M256 models, offer better compatibility with smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. The seven new models are lamp-free projectors that make possible a new style of presentation by offering even better compatibility with smart devices. When using a smart device with the original multi-function C-Assist application from Casio installed, the presenter no longer needs to stay near the projector or PC, and is free to move around the room while delivering a presentation with a wide variety of content.The new lineup includes the Green Slim models, XJ-A257, A247, and A147, which boast a profile of just 43 millimeters and a weight of 2.3 kilograms for outstanding portability.

Casio_projector-20,000-hour long-life light sourceThe Standard Models, XJ-M256, M246, M156, and M146, come with various interfaces. All the new projectors are equipped with internal memory (approximately 2 GB) for storing presentation content, making it possible to give presentations without a PC or USB memory device. The new lineups of Casio high-brightness lamp-free projectors help lower total cost of ownership thanks to their light source, which lasts about 20,000 hours, and their power-saving performance. In addition to the models above, seven other high-brightness lamp-free projector models are also being released today. They offer even greater affordability by omitting the internal memory and smart device compatibility functions.

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