Casio announces World’s First Mercury-Free High-Brightness Projectors

Casio has invented a mercury-free laser & LED hybrid light source capable of high-brightness projection, for use in next-generation projectors. Casio is releasing a line of GREEN SLIM Projectors with the new light source, introducing the world’s first mercury-free high-brightness data projectors. Use of the laser & LED hybrid light source makes Casio’s GREEN SLIM Projectors the world’s first data projectors to bright enough (2,000-3,000 lumens) for projection in a brightly lit room without using a high-pressure mercury lamp. Usability features have also been greatly improved: the body, no bigger than the size of an A4 piece of paper, is slim (43 mm) and lightweight (2.3 kg); the projector produces bright colors through upgraded color purity; the light source has a life of approximately 20,000 hours; projection at maximum brightness is possible in a minimum of eight seconds; and no cool down is needed when turning the projectors off.

Casio GREEN SLIM Projectors will be available in a diverse lineup, including a model that can accommodate WXGA Real display at 1280 × 800 dots (16:10) and a model that can project without a PC and can communicate wirelessly with PCs.