LG Cinema 3D projector-CF3DAT can project a 200-inch viewing surface

LG today introduced its newest 3D projector-CF3DAT in the Korean market. The CF3DAT is a Cinema3D projector that can project a 200-inch viewing surface a wide variety of high definition 3D content utilizing its 2D to 3D conversion engine and built-in tuner. Despite its large 200-inch projection area, the LG CF3DAT projects clear and bright images, using its Full HD display (1920×1080) supported by a brightness of 1,250 ANSI lumens in 3D mode, approximately six times brighter than other premium projectors.

The CF3DAT employs the Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) display technology, enabling the use of LG’s polarized 3D glasses, which are far more affordable and lightweight compared to shutter-type 3D glasses. The LG CF3DAT is not only suitable for large living rooms, but also museums, auditoriums and other types of public venues. The CF3DAA, the global version of the CF3DAT, will be available outside of Korea in the first half of 2012. The CF3DAA will not be equipped with a TV tuner.