Osram direct emitting green indium-gallium-nitride laser sets a new milestone for mobile laser projection

Osram has achieved a major breakthrough in the laboratory with its direct emitting green indium-gallium-nitride laser. It already achieves an optical output of 50 mW and emits light in true green with a wavelength of 515 nm. Compared with semiconductor lasers based on current technology that operate with frequency doubling, direct emitting green lasers are more compact, offer greater temperature stability, are easier to control and have higher modulation capability.In the medium term, direct emitting green lasers could replace frequency-doubled lasers for numerous applications. They are easier to control, and also offer greater temperature stability, a smaller form factor and higher modulation capability at several 100 MHz..

Green lasers are used in numerous medical and industrial applications, but also as light sources in mobile mini-projectors. A direct emitting green laser can help make these projectors even smaller with even better performance. Osram Opto Semiconductors already offers blue emitting InGaN laser diodes for commercial applications.