Sanyo announces Worlds highest brightness ultra portable Projector

The Sanyo the LP-XU106 projector has the industry’s highest brightness1, 4,500 lumens, in the ultra portable class, as well as highly advanced functions, such as the Corner Keystone Correction Function and the Easy Setup Function. The Sanyo LP-XU106 offers a high contrast ratio of 1,000:1.
Additionally, since the projector is able to properly project images at an angle thanks to the Corner Keystone Correction Function, it takes the lead in situations where the projector cannot be placed directly in front of the screen. With Sanyo’s Easy Setup Function novice users of projectors can quickly and effortlessly prepare for, operate and clearly and professionally project images.

Other features include: – Wired LAN terminal (RJ-45), Presentation Timer Function and on-start function. Sanyo LP-XU106 projector weighs 3.4 kg only.