Sumitomo Electric and Sony announces World’s First True Green Semiconductor Laser Diode with over 100 mW Output Power at 530 nm

Sumitomo Electric and Sony have successfully developed the world’s first semiconductor laser diode with an optical output power of over 100 mW in the true green region at a wavelength of 530 nm. This laser diode can be mounted on laser projectors and many other display devices. The new laser diode features twice the luminosity compared with conventional gallium nitride (GaN) green laser diodes, and a color gamut broadened by 182% based on the NTSC standard (CIE 1976 color gamut). As a result, these significantly improve the performance of laser projectors and other display devices to reproduce vibrant video and images.

Sumitomo Electric and Sony collaborated in the development of a true green semiconductor laser for practical use, drawing on Sumitomo Electric’s semi-polar GaN substrate, crystal growth, and wafer processing technologies, as well as Sony’s GaN-based laser technology, acquired through the Blu-ray development. By introducing new techniques and improving the entire semiconductor laser production process, including structural design, crystal growth, wafer processing, and electrode configuration, Sumitomo Electric and Sony were able to successfully develop true green semiconductor laser with an optical output power of more than 100 mW at a wavelength of 530 nm. This true green semiconductor laser diode is highly reliable as it realizes wall-plug efficiency of over 8%.

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