Epson launches new flagship Series of Industrial Scara robots- H8 robots

Epson today announced the launch of its new H8 robots, the first models in its new flagship H series of horizontally articulated Scara robots. H8 robots are designed to automate tasks such as assembly and transport, are capable of handling payloads up to 8 kg, and are available in models with arm lengths of 450 mm, 550 mm, and 650 mm. In addition to Epson’s powerful Smart Motion Control technology, the robots in the H series have integrated QMEMS sensors. These technologies enable the robots to handle heavier payloads despite a compact, lightweight design. They also make it possible to provide the robots with a high-speed mode and a low-vibration mode.

Epson H8 robots stand 580 mm tall and weigh 20-21 kg depending on arm length and are among the smallest and lightest Scara robots in the 450-650-mm arm length class. Their small size and light weight save space and provide production line design flexibility. Epson’s industrial robots are widely used to transport and assemble parts on production lines particularly in the electronics and automotive industries.

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