Epson introduces New Compact Six-Axis Robots with Best in Class speed and accuracy in a slim body

epson_c3.jpgEpson today announced the addition of the new “C3 series” to its popular range of six-axis vertically articulated robots. The new model, which combines best in class speed and accuracy in a slim body, will begin shipping late July. The C3 series is the first compact model in the ProSix series of six-axis robots, which employ Epson’s high-speed, low vibration Smart Motion Control technology and embodies optimal functionality for precision assembly of small parts.

Epson robots are currently being used in a wide variety of fields, including the electronics, automobile, food, pharmaceutical and medical industries, and this new product will further expand the range of applications. In addition, ProSix models can be ceiling or wall mounted, enabling installation in a variety of settings.