Nikon announces expansion of its C3 eMotion intelligent actuator unit lineup

Nikon today announced the expansion of its C3 eMotion intelligent actuator unit lineup. Each of C3 eMotion intelligent actuator unit combines vital robotic-joint components including a motor, speed reducer, motor driver, brake and encoders together into one package. The Nikon C3 eMotion is a robotic joint unit for collaborative robots that, when used together with robotic arms, facilitates easier building of robots even by users who have no knowledge of robot design.

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The Nikon C3 eMotion can also be used as a component in semiconductor equipment, machine tools, measurement instrument, conveyance equipment and other machines and systems which require high stopping accuracy, machining precision or similar.

The C3 eMotion operates under Nikon’s proprietary double-encoder structure (containing two encoders), which enables detection of external forces and robot operation stoppage in response, direct teaching in which the robot can be made to learn commands via direct manipulation by human users, and a wide range of other useful functions. Nikon will now offer the new IAU-30 and IAU-300 types, which differ in terms of size, torque and other characteristics.

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