Nikon announces large-volume non-contact measuring system – APDIS series

Nikon today announced 4 products in the large volume non-contact measuring system APDIS (Accurate Precision Distance Scanning) series. The four products APDIS MV430, APDIS MV450, APDIS MV430E and APDIS MV450E,measures the three-dimensional coordinates of an object in a non-contact manner on a large scale. The APDIS series is a Laser Radar based scanner that can acquire the three-dimension4al coordinates of surfaces and features on large objects like car doors with an accuracy of tens of micrometers. Other non-contact systems require surface preparation, reference stickers or laser probes to take measurements. The Nikon APDIS systems use a unique application of laser-based measurement allowing them to directly measure surfaces and features without the need for adapters, stickers or surface coating, all from a safe stand-off.

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With Nikon’s unique laser utilization technology, it is possible to acquire three-dimensional coordinates with an accuracy of several tens of micrometers without using a reflector, surface preparation or probes. To aid with portability and robot installations, the size (height) is reduced by approximately 25% and the mass is reduced by approximately 40% compared to the previous Laser Radar product. This greatly expands the range of installation locations and applications. APDIS has been designed for shop floor use with proven water and dust protection (IEC protection class IP54), so it can be used even in challenging environments. Due to its portability, it can be deployed and installed in various places including production lines, robot arms and large machine tools contributing to improved productivity in automobile and other manufacturing plants.

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