Shop Smart Robot in Japan greets visitors, attends to them and helps to find their way !

robot.jpgShimizu Corp and Yasukawa Electric from Japan have opened the “Smart Showroom” that is part of the Smart Robotics Building Project, which will demonstrate the use of Smart Robots in intelligent buildings. The concept is a combination of building infrastructure, technology and robot technology and aims to achieve a variety of services and comfort to the residents. The robot can be deployed in reception, cleaning, transportation etc.

This concept will be a combination of all technologies with the intervention of humans for device control, information and telecommunication technologies. All this will be centrally located within the building so that the robots, operating in the building, can be tracked so that multiple robots can share work load in a large area. The concept robot- shop Smart with Speech synthesis, LCD projector and up to 3.6km / h travel speed measures 836mmx555mmx613mm and weigh 90kg