Suzuki signs partnership agreement with Hakuto to challenge the Google Lunar XPRIZE

Suzuki signed a corporate partnership agreement with Hakuto, the first privately funded lunar exploration team from Japan to challenge the Google Lunar XPRIZE. To accomplish the mission of Google Lunar XPRIZE, which includes landing a privately funded rover on the moon, traveling 500 metres, and transmitting back high definition video and images, Suzuki will consider technical support towards the rover under development by Hakuto. Hakuto is the sole competitor of the Google Lunar XPRIZE from Japan.

pfm3_bodyIn order to accomplish the mission, weight saving of the rover, which is crucial in reducing launch cost, and drivability without slipping on the lunar surface, which is covered with powdery sand called regolith, are the major challenges. Suzuki intends to support Hakuto and its mission utilising technologies such as weight saving and traction control, nurtured through creating small cars and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

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