NEC Develops Compact and Light-Weight Massive-Element Active Antenna System for 5G Communications

NEC has developed a compact and light-weight massive-element Active Antenna System (AAS) that supports the low super high frequency (SHF) band. The AAS is well suited for use with next-generation 5G wireless communication standards. The newly developed NEC AAS, which supports the 100MHz bandwidth, adopts a fully digital control system that enables the forming of precise directional signals (beams) in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems for devices such as smartphones and tablets, through the use of 64 antenna elements.

These features enable high spectral efficiency, at more than 15 times the throughput of LTE per cell, even in environments where terminals are unevenly distributed and moving. NEC integrated the antenna and wireless processing components into one unit through the use of highly integrated circuits and highly dense printed circuit boards, in order to develop a practical system that is compact and lightweight (26 cm ×34cm, 6kg). NEC will exhibit the above product and its other efforts in 5G systems at Mobile World Congress 2017.

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