NEC develops Device-to-Device communication technology for transmitting images when outside of the public safety LTE service area

NEC has developed a Device-to-Device communication technology that enables emergency response personnel, such as police and firefighters, to transmit high quality images from the scene of a disaster or accident when outside of the service area of the public safety Long Term Evolution (Public Safety LTE: PS-LTE) network. The high quality images enable the authorities to make swift and accurate assessments in response to large-scale disasters and in the provision of security for major events.

NEC’s newly developed technology supports the reliable transmission of these images by enabling terminals outside of the PS-LTE network service area to detect terminals within the service area, and then access the network via the terminal that provides the fastest communication with base stations. NEC confirmed the performance of this technology in a simulated disaster relief scenario, where approximately 90% of terminals located indoors, which tend to fall outside of the service area, achieved communications sufficient for the transmission of images.

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