Kyocera to exhibit its newest solar modules and proprietary HEMS at PVJapan 2012

At PVJapan 2012, Kyocera will be exhibiting its newest solar modules for both residential and mega-solar applications, along with the company’s proprietary HEMS. Among the exhibits, Kyocera will be displaying its new 200-watt solar module, which has the highest output of the company’s residential-use product line for the domestic market. The new module, which went on sale in Japan this month, employs the company’s newest cell ― boasting the highest conversion efficiency level in the world at 17.8%. Kyocera will also display a 250-watt (60 cells) solar module developed specially for the rapidly expanding mega-solar market in Japan.

Since the start of a new Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program in July of this year, the domestic market in Japan for public- and industrial-use solar power has been expanding rapidly, with large-scale mega-solar projects being planned all around the country. Residential-use solar energy is also on the rise, and with more than one million homes in Japan now equipped with solar power generating systems, interest is growing for smart-house technology to combine and efficiently control energy use using solar power, battery storage units, and home energy management systems (HEMS).

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