Kyocera 2MW Solar Power Plant in France will off-set roughly 700 tons of CO2 per year

Kyocera announced that is has supplied 8,500 solar modules for a new 2-megawatt solar power plant which sits over four acres of unused farmland in north-western France. The large-scale installation is a flagship project in terms of sustainability, and the Kyocera solar modules produce an average total power output of 2,200,000-kW/hours per year of environmentally-friendly electricity — equal to the average annual energy consumption of 900 local households. The clean-energy power plant will off-set roughly 700-tons of CO2 per year.

The solar installation is the largest solar power plant in north-western France, and is a pioneer project for future model systems. The renewable energy plant was established as a sustainable solution for the reclamation of unused land, as the space can now be used to make a positive contribution to the environment via clean energy generation. Kyocera has notably shipped modules for large-scale power plants around the world, including more than 50MW for three projects in Spain.