Kyocera launches its interactive Solar Power Expo Web Site

Kyocera today announced the launch of its interactive “Solar Power Expo” Web site — a comprehensive and fun tool aimed at all ages to promote education of solar power and its effectiveness in combating various environmental problems that the world faces today. The Web site is designed to give the user the experience of visiting a large outdoor solar power exposition with five unique pavilions featuring diverse themes. With appealing and fun visuals and music, visitors can look around the pavilions interacting with various features that introduce the marvel of solar power, the history of Kyocera’s solar power business, and the various environmental activities that Kyocera is engaged in.

The Kyocera Corporation was founded more than half a century ago, and has been involved in the solar power business for more than 35 years. Along with many environmental activities, Kyocera has been proactive in research, development and promotion of solar power. With the Solar Power Expo, Kyocera hopes to help increase awareness about environmental issues and the amazing capabilities of solar power as a clean energy source.
Solar Power Expo Site