New Condos in Japan to save 65% in electricity bills as power will be drawn from Rooftop Solar Panels

Daiwa House Industry will offer condominiums where residents can share a portion of the electricity generated by rooftop solar panels in Japan. A new 351-unit development in the Osaka suburb of Suita will be equipped with a 170kw solar power system, one of the most powerful of any condo complex in the country, according to Daiwa House. Thirty-eight units will receive 2.5kw each from the system — enough energy for most of their needs. The remaining output will be used to power entranceways, halls and other communal spaces.

Residents of the units with the solar power option will be able to save 65% in electricity bills, compared with condos built according to 1992 energy-efficiency standards. Construction begins Friday, with individual units to go on sale from next March. Daiwa House has not set specific prices, but it says the 38 solar-powered condos will cost about 1.5 million yen ($19,662) to 2 million yen ($26,216) more than the rest.