Panasonic launches its HIT Double Solar Modules in Japan

Panasonic has a vision of becoming the No. 1
Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry and the company’s energy technologies play an important role in realizing this vision. On June 7, Panasonic announced its plans to release its HIT Double solar modules to Japan. HIT Double solar modules are bifacial, which means that they can generate electricity from both sides of the modules. This is due to the unique design of the HIT solar cells used in the HIT Double solar modules.

Previously HIT Double solar modules had only been available in Europe and the US, but from August 2012, they will be available in Japan for use in industrial applications and in public facilities, signaling the start of Panasonic’s work to bring its HIT Double solar modules to the global market.

In HIT Double solar modules, the HIT solar cells are sandwiched between strengthened glass, allowing electricity to be generated not only from the front face through direct sunlight, but also from the underside, through indirect reflected light, giving HIT Double solar modules a high power generation capacity. This also gives more freedom in the location and type of installation the modules can be used in, as the power output of HIT Double solar modules is less dependent on the angle of the installation compared to conventional modules.

HIT solar modules are ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as canopies for car parks and bicycle parking lots or as a facade for buildings, as seen on the Administration Building at the Panasonic Kasai Green Energy Park.

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