Samsung builds its first Digital Village in South Africa using solar power

Samsung launched its first Digital Villages initiative in South Africa to integrate African communities’ hospitals, schools, lighting systems and energy infrastructure using solar power. The project will provide comprehensive support to improve health standards, bolster education opportunities and increase the potential for people to lead economically independent lives. The Digital Village project has been envisioned to raise educational, medical and living standards, but another aspect is its intended contribution to promoting small businesses through the deployment of solar powered generators and LED lighting systems. The solar power aspect of the Villages will also lower the environmental impact and reduce operating costs in the areas in which they are based.

They will supply electric power to the Digital Village’s houses, schools, hospitals, and municipal offices such as the police. These generators are silent, do not emit pollutants and have negligible maintenance costs. The Digital Village is comprised of a number of key components that work together to benefit a community in terms of health, education and employment.

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