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Nikon Announces New FPD Lithography System FX-6AS

Nikon today announced the release of the new FPD lithography system FX-6AS that supports small and medium-size panels. Nikon FX-6AS is an optimal FPD lithography system for manufacturing high definition organic light..

Nikon Announces AMI-5700 Automatic Macro Inspection System

Nikon today announced the upcoming release of the AMI-5700 automatic macro inspection system, which performs batch inspection of 300 mm wafers with exceptional sensitivity and maximized productivity. Nikon automatic macro inspection equipment..

Nikon announces ECLIPSE Ci-L plus biological microscope

Nikon today announced the release of the ECLIPSE Ci-L plus biological microscope, which eliminates the need for light intensity adjustment after changing magnifications and has an ergonomic design that takes into account..