Suzuki Motor launches its new sport tourer with a brand-new concept – the GSX-S1000GT

Suzuki Motor today announced its new sport tourer with a brand-new concept, the GSX-S1000GT, fully remodelled from the GSX-S1000F. The new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT bike is a sport tourer with reinforced features and functions for sport touring, inheriting the DNA of super sport bikes. The new model has been engineered for both ease of everyday usage, and comfortability and high-speed stability during long touring. The newly adopted S.I.R.S. electronic controls and Suzuki’s first 6.5-inch full-color TFT LCD screen instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity, are highlighted features for the concept.

Developed specifically as a large Multi-information display for use on motorcycles, the 6.5-inch full-color TFT LCD panel features an anti-reflective coating for improved visibility in bright light and a scratch-resistant surface.The smartphone connectivity that lets you access a variety of apps and functions that bring greater convenience, functionality and fun to your riding experience. In addition to day and night mode presentation schemes and adjustable brightness, the screen’s custom display features butter-smooth tachometer movement and exclusive graphics. A brief custom animation that plays when the ignition key is turned on adds a unique playful touch.

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The GT’s new 5-mode traction control system (+OFF setting) is designed to provide greater stability for confident control with less stress and fatigue. Fine incremental mode settings allow the system to better fit the diverse riding conditions under which a grand tourer is expected to excel, whether riding alone or with a passenger, whether carrying a load of gear, or riding in inclement weather. The higher number the mode selected, the faster the control takes effect and the more proactive the system is in limiting wheel spin.

The new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT is powered by a high-performance 999cm3 four-stroke DOHC liquid-cooled inline-four engine developed to realize the ideal a true grand touring riding experience. The engine underwent a thorough review and updates to increase power output and achieve an even better balance of overall performance, all while satisfying Euro 5 emissions standards. The new version delivers superbike-level performance while minimizing vibration to make riding more exciting, more comfortable and less tiring, whether travelling long distances on the highway or enjoying a ride around town.

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Its broad, smooth torque curve featuring greater cumulative torque production consistently delivers abundant power throughout the engine’s operating range and makes this grand tourer equally adept at street riding as it is at high-speed long-distance touring, even under load when carrying gear and a passenger on the back. To reduce fatigue in long-distance touring, the model adopts floating handlebars, rubber-covered footrests, and custom grab bars, which minimize the vibrations transmitted from the bike to the rider and passenger.

The handlebars have been widened and the grips have been made closer to the rider, realizing an upright riding position more suitable for touring. The aerodynamic windscreens and custom designed seats also contribute to rider’s comfortability.

In addition, a wide variety of genuine accessories, including those developed uniquely for the new GSX-S1000GT, are available for customization in adding more comfort and convenience.