A total of 1060 all-electric sanitation trucks transports garbage, sweeps road and sprinkle water in Beijing

A total of 1060 all-electric sanitation trucks will conduct tasks such as transporting garbage, sweeping roads and sprinkling water. They all-electric trucks have high performance, zero emissions, low noise and low heat radiation. The all-electric sanitation truck can run 90 kilometers to 100 kilometers with one charge.

The fastest speed the truck can reach is 140 kilometers per hour. The 1,060 all-electric sanitation trucks have three loading capacities — 2 tons, 8 tons and 16 tons — and can be divided into eight models.
They will work in the 14 regions and counties of Beijing, and 78 of them will be put into use first on Changan Street, the second ring road and the third ring road of Beijing, according to a spokesman from the Beijing Environment Sanitation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. These electric sanitation trucks are completely researched and developed by China.