Brembos superlative brakes provide the perfect match to Hyundai’s sports car Genesis Coupe

Hyundai´s eagerly awaited first rear–wheel drive sports car Genesis Coupe promises to stop just as fast as it goes. Premium high performance disc brakes from Brembo will be available as part of an optional track–use performance package. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe´s rear–wheel drive architecture endows it with an ideal front–rear weight distribution that is a pre–requisite for handling excellence and Brembo brakes promise to further enhance the Genesis Coupe´s driving experience. Brembo´s superlative brakes provide the perfect match to the Genesis Coupe´s high output engines. The base Genesis Coupe will be equipped with a turbocharged 2–liter Theta engine pumping out an estimated 212 horesepower.

For enthusiasts who demand pure unadulterated performance, Hyundai will offer a high performance–tuned 3.8–liter V–6 Lambda delivering 300–plus horsepower. The first Genesis Coupe is due to arrive in Korean showrooms in September this year while international sales are due to start in the first quarter of 2009.