Chrysler Dodge ZEO concept electric car runs 402km with one battery charge!

Chrysler unveiled the Dodge ZEO, an electric vehicle concept car with a 64kWh Li-ion rechargeable battery at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show.Chrysler Dodge ZEO concept electric car runs 250 miles (approx. 402km) for one battery charge. The manufacturer of the battery has yet to be announced, Chrysler said. It is a rear wheel drive car with a 200kW motor mounted on its rear side. It weighs 1,202kg. The time required to reach 60mph (96km/h) from the halt state is 5.7 seconds. The top speed is 209km/h.
Dodge ZEO_B.jpg
Chrysler Dodge ZEO is a four-door (two sets of double doors), four-passenger car without the B-pillar. White LED is used for the headlights. The indicators and the center console are arranged using LCD displays on the instrument panel. All of the three concept cars exhibited by the company at the Show use LCD displays for indicators on the instrument panel.

Dodge ZEO_C.jpg
Chrysler Dodge ZEO concept electric car measures 4,390 (L) x 1,743 (W) x 1,290mm (H), and the wheelbase is 2,792mm long. The motor and the battery account for most of the vehicle weight. The name “ZEO” stands for zero emission operation.