Delphi Details Evaporative Emissions Control Strategies for hybrids and partial zero-emissions vehicle hybrids

Delphi hybrid evaporative emissions canister modules have been specially designed to help vehicle manufacturers meet the world’s most stringent evaporative emissions requirements (LEV II and LEV III; PZEV and various hybrid vehicle systems) while optimizing a vehicle’s fuel economy. The modules include a highly efficient carbon canister, a robust electrically heated hydrocarbon scrubber and an advanced electronic controller. While conventional evaporative emissions canisters are designed to operate with regular purge cycles, Delphi’s hybrid canister modules provide increased canister regeneration efficiency that enables optimal evaporative emissions control in low purge engine operation.

Delphi Hybrid Evaporative Emissions Canister Module - HD.jpg
Delphi’s innovative solution helps vehicle manufacturers minimize fuel system complexity and vehicle assembly costs. This technology eliminates the need for pressurized steel systems in PZEV full hybrid vehicle systems, thus enabling the use of a plastic fuel tank which contributes to an overall vehicle program cost reduction. And, the heated scrubber allows the use of low cost carbon for further cost savings.