Denso develops environmentally friendly smaller and lighter Radiator

Denso developed a new and more efficient radiator that is 40 percent smaller and lighter, compared to Denso’s previous radiators. The new light weight radiator’s tank is made with a plant-derived resin making it more environmentally friendly than conventional radiators. With higher heat radiation efficiency, the new radiator is only 16 mm wide, but equal in performance to the conventional 27 mm wide radiators, resulting in a substantial size and weight reduction. A radiator’s performance depends on its two major components – fins and tubes. The fin, using Denso’s manufacturing expertise, is the world’s thinnest of its kind. The radiator offers the same strength as Denso’s previous radiators while using thinner materials.

All these advantages enabled the new radiator to be 40 percent smaller and lighter than the previous models. The newly developed 16 mm wide radiator is installed in the Lexus GS. In addition to the 16 mm wide radiator, Denso will also commercialize a 27 mm wide type, which is thinner than the conventional model of 36 mm type, and 11.5 mm wide type which are thinner than the conventional model of 16 mm, to offer a wider range of the new radiator series for a greater range of vehicle models.

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