Denso Laser Radar helps to avoid low-speed collisions

Denso has developed smaller and more cost-effective laser radar, which is an active safety technology that will help avoid low-speed collisions. Denso’s new laser radar is used as a sensor for the Smart Assist System of the Daihatsu Move, a compact vehicle released in the Japanese market last December. To consolidate space, the newly developed Denso laser radar features a simpler laser beam generation mechanism than previous versions. The electronic control unit is integrated into the signal processing boards, which was typically separate. Denso is able to reduce the overall size of the radar by using a smaller lens.

Smart Assist System consists of four technologies: (1) Brakes that assist low-speed crash avoidance, (2) Gas pedal misoperation control, (3) Informs of motion of vehicle in front, (4) VSC and TRC. Denso’s laser radar will be used for technologies (1), (2) and (3), to detect obstacles in front of the vehicle.

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