Denso new smaller and efficient condenser helps increase fuel efficiency

Denso has developed a smaller and more efficient condenser, which helps increase fuel efficiency, while allowing carmakers to have greater design flexibility inside the engine compartment. Compared to conventional models, Denso’s new Global Inner-fin Condenser (GIC) is 30 percent smaller. To more efficiently transfer the refrigerant’s heat flowing in the tubes, the size of the tube’s inner fins were reduced and the density of inner fins inside each tube were maximized, which increased the heat transfer area by 20 percent. The new inner-fin tube has 25 percent more room, which enables even more amount of refrigerant to flow in the tube without increasing power consumption.

This new design allows for the flexibility of new, more environmentally friendly refrigerants to be introduced in the future. Denso further improved the GIC’s heat removal process by increasing the number of louvers in each fin by 30 percent per unit area. Despite this increase in louvers, the size of the fin was not increased. The GIC is on the Toyota Corolla, which was launched in Japan on May 11. Denso will continue its efforts to expand GIC to a much wider range of vehicles, as well as work to develop smaller, more efficient products.

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