Denso to launch fuel efficient and Eco friendly Sparkplug in Japan

Denso will launch a fuel-efficient spark plug in the Japanese market on January 6, 2010. DENSO’s new spark plug improves fuel efficiency by 1.2 percent, torque by 1.1 percent, and decreases carbon dioxide emissions by 0.8 percent in comparison with the company’s conventional nickel spark plug. The new spark plug sold under the product name Twin Tip in North America and Europe (including Russia), uses a tip shape for the ground electrode, in addition to the tip shape of the center electrode for conventional spark plugs. This unique structure results in improved ignition performance for a more powerful and fuel-efficient combustion.

The new spark plug also uses a newly-developed material, a nickel alloy, for the ground and center electrodes. This material enables the center electrode to be made 40 percent thinner than that of conventional nickel spark plugs. Denso’s new spark plugs are positioned in the middle of high-performance spark plugs and conventional nickel spark plug in its price and performance.

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  1. Henryk Mongialo

    The FireStorm Plasma iPlug is a new entry in the formerly mundane area of Spark Plugs. All Spark Plugs produce “sparks” to ignite the Air Fuel Mixture in the combustion Chambers. FireStorm is different, it produces “PLASMA”. By doing that, it eliminates the Catalytic Converter and EGR Systems and can still pass future emission requirements in California.

    Here is a clip:

    Further testing after that clip was shot in Detroit proved a 70% savings in fuel all while affording a 125 More Horsepower.
    It is a Paradigm Shift in Air Fuel Ratio as this plug operates at 30 to 1 Air to Fuel Ratio. All current IC engines operate at 14.7 to 1 and require a Cat and EGR.

    FireStorm can even crack water right in the Combustion_Chamber thereby eliminating so-called HHO Generators. Can I hear fill your car up at the side of your house with the garden hose?

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