Dongfeng Nissan unveils Venucias first production model-D50

Dongfeng Nissan, the Passenger Vehicle business unit of Nissan’s joint venture in China, today unveiled D50, the first production model for the company’s new VENUCIA brand, at the Guangzhou Motor Show. A mid-class sedan engineered at Dongfeng Nissan Technical Center, D50 will be introduced to the market in the first half of 2012. Based on VENUCIA’s brand concept of soar, D50’s design symbolizes the potential for the new brand’s future in the growing Chinese market. Working with key words such as mature, Da Qi (upgraded) and secure, the design team embodied these elements into D50 to create a reliable and friendly car.

Five new models will be launched under the VENUCIA brand by 2015, to be available through 250 outlets nationwide. Dongfeng Nissan is targeting annual sales of 300,000 units with these five models. The brand name, VENUCIA, is derived from the ancient Roman Venus. The five stars of the brand logo represent the company’s five brand promises – respect customers, create value, do the best, achieve world-class quality and seek the dream.