Epson Toyocom XV-8000LK pre-tilted gyro-sensor on display at CEATEC JAPAN 2007

Epson Toyocom has developed a new pre-tilted gyro-sensor that can be installed in car navigation systems. As the latest addition to the XV-8000 series, the XV-8000LK is ideal for dead reckoning, a method used in car navigation to determine position. For the gyro-sensors in the XV-8000 series Epson Toyocom employed its unique crystal gyro-element design for outstanding stability. Gyro-sensors installed in in-dash car navigation systems for DR become tilted when the systems are mounted in inclined dashboards. DR software is used to compensate for this tilt and provide greater navigational accuracy. However, depending on the inclination of the dashboard, DR correction software is not always able to fully correct for this tilt, a fact that spurred market demand for gyro-sensors that are themselves pre-tilted. The XV-8000 sensor in the recently developed XV-8000LK is assembled with a pre-tilt angle in the package. This pre-tilt affords greater flexibility in determining the installation angle.

The Epson Toyocom XV-8000LK is available in two types. One type has a tilt angle of 10 degrees, and the other has a tilt angle of 20 degrees. The pre-tilted sensors offer dramatically more flexibility in DR software setup.