Epson Toyocom XV-9000 series Gyro-sensors provides electronic stability and rollover protection for vehicles

The new Epson Toyocom XV-9000 series of gyro-sensors is designed for vehicle attitude sensing applications in the automotive industry. The sensors in the new XV-9000 series are designed to meet these needs. By applying QMEMS technology to fabricate crystal sensing elements in an original hammerhead structure, Epson Toyocom was able to realize very small sensors that exhibit stable characteristics over a wide temperature range (-40 to +125°C). In addition, Epson Toyocom increased sensor reliability by providing a diagnostic circuit that detects failures at any given time and at startup.

The sensors have achieved excellent vibration resistance and shock survivability by optimizing the sensing elements and their support structure. Product samples will become available in September 2010. Volume production is scheduled for December 2011.