Ford S-Max Takes Planes to Germany

Ford has devised a new twist on taking the plane to Germany, after loaning two S-MAX for Britain’s Dave Wiltshire and Steve Roberts to carry their aircraft to the World Model Jet Flying championships. The precious, hand-crafted scale models measure up to two meters in length, weight 15 kilos and are worth in excess of £10,000, with each taking many painstaking hours to build.

Ford stepped in, to support the team with two S-MAX after reading about their success in other events. The Fold Flat rear seating offered a safe and secure hangar during the long journey. Dave and Steve are well known to most on the UK model jet scene. Dave is often to be found at jet events in the UK, flying one of his own fleet — he currently has 15 jets, all self-built.

Steve Humbles, Ford of Britain Product Marketing Manager said; S-MAX was designed and developed to offer customers a first-class travel experience for which its won many accolades for practicality, style and security, never did we expect it to protect and carry aircraft!

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