Fuji Heavy Industries Builds Assembly Plant for Boeing 777X Center Wing Boxes in Japan

Subaru_boeing_777XFuji Heavy Industries has begun construction of its third assembly facility for aircraft parts on the premises of its Handa Plant located in Handa City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. At the new facility, FHI plans to assemble center wing boxes for Boeing’s next-generation passenger jet, the Boeing 777X. The center wing box is a vital section of an airplane connecting the fuselage and the wings. The new facility is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

Boeing_777XThe Handa Plant currently performs assembly operations for center wing boxes for Boeing’s 777 and 787 passenger jets as well as center wing boxes for maritime patrol aircraft (P-1) and next-generation cargo transport aircraft (C-2) for Japan’s Ministry of Defense. The capital investment related to the Boeing 777X, including the new facility, is expected to be approximately 10 billion yen. With the addition of this new facility, Fuji Heavy Industries’s Handa Plant will become a manufacturing complex for center wing boxes that has no parallel in the world.
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