Fujitsu develops world’s first 3D image synthesis technology for advanced driver-assistance systems

Fujitsu today announced development of the world’s first 3D image synthesis technology for advanced driver-assistance systems. The new technology can display, without distortion and with an accuracy level within two centimeters, people and objects within close proximity of the vehicle that pose a risk of collision. In previous commercially available products that improve a driver’s field of vision, images from multiple onboard cameras were joined together into an overhead view using image processing, but distortions in this view made people, vehicles, and other objects in the vehicle’s vicinity difficult to recognize.

Fujitsu_3D Image Synthesis Technology_new
To solve these problems, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a system that includes four onboard cameras facing front, rear, left, and right, as well as 3D laser radars that produce high-resolution range information covering an extremely wide angle. The result is the world’s first 3D image synthesis technology that overcomes image distortion and clearly shows where the risks of collision are. When parking or passing on narrow roads, this technology will increase safety and provide reassurance to the driver. The system can also capture footage within a radius of five meters of the car, whereas conventional systems can display images within a radius of only one to two meters of the vehicle.

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