Fujitsu Super-Wide-Angle 3D Laser Radar more than doubles area of visibility to detect hazards around vehicles

Fujitsu has developed a super-wide-angle 3D laser radar with more than double the range (140 degrees both horizontally and vertically) of conventional radars. Ultrasonic wave sensors are already in commercial use in systems that support vehicle parking, for example, to assist drivers when the car is backing into a parking space. However, the detection range is narrow, and multiple sensors were required to widen the area of visibility around a car. By developing a scanning angle expansion lens for the laser beam and a high speed, multipoint laser scanning system for detecting a wide range at high speeds, Fujitsu has now roughly doubled the detection range compared to previous sensors to approximately 140 degrees, both horizontally and vertically.

Fujitsu developed 3D laser radar is able to measure distances to objects over a wide detection angle range. It does this by using a newly developed scanning angle expansion lens to beam the laser over a wide-angle range, and a high speed, multipoint laser scanning system to detect a wide range at high speed. In broad terms, the system is comprised of a projecting unit and a receiving unit. The projecting unit is comprised of a laser, a high speed laser driving circuit, mirrors for scanning, and a scanning angle expansion lens. The receiving unit is comprised of a photodiode, which receives the light reflected by an object, and a distance measurement circuit that measures the distance to the object. It also provides warnings to drivers when backing up a vehicle, which is when accidents are more likely to occur, or when backing into a parking space, which is difficult for many drivers. It is hoped, therefore, that this technology can contribute to safer and more secure driving.

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