FunStar Professional- the newest Multi-media On Demand System in the world

Funtoro- FunStar Professional is the newest Multi-media On Demand System in the world. This product from Funtoro (MSI Affiliate) owns the special design of entertainment system as in flight cabin, integrating with an idea of mobile office to make your car become the most luxurious entertaining and mobile office! With unique patented multimedia technology, the First Multi-media Entertainment On Demand System in car supports 6 to 12 independent zones simultaneously. Everyone owns the monitor to enjoy their movie, photo, music, AV game, USB playback and without interfering the contents others are playing. Besides, instead of complicated device, all the monitors of this system embedded with touch sense, are very easy for users to control. Above all, this system is applicable to any types of vehicles, each passenger owns his independent zone to enjoy and experience the rich and quality entertainment in car and internet access all the time.

With FunStar Professional you can enjoy not only quality entertainment as in flight cabin but integrate with traveling safety like TPMS and Car Information Systems, so considerate to satisfy your family and passenger’s needs.